I had to visit Glacier yesterday for work. After all, Waterton is an international peace park and visitors are encouraged to visit both parks.

First stop was, of course customs at the Chief Mountain border crossing. This border is only open in the summer and only from 7am-10pm. It does drive right past the base of Chief Mountain, a very significant mountain to the Blackfeet tribe in Montana. There is an old legend that as long as the mountain stands, there will be peace in the valley and the mountain is currently preparing to split in half. Who knows what will happen then?

We went to St. Mary’s and stopped at the Park Cafe for lunch. A cute, vintage cafe with good food and AMAZING pie! I ordered the sugar free razzleberry, and it tasted amazing.

We then headed to St. Mary’s visitors center which was such a cool place. Besides the small gift shop with every book you can imagine on

the area, camping, hiking and back packing, it had a neat interpretive center with an animal display and a faux tepee that you could sit in and watch various short videos on Native American history and their ties to the land. The visitor center also had a movie theatre which showed various films throughout the day. Always stop at the St. Mary’s Visitor Center if you are in the area, you won’t be sorry.

After the Visitors Center we headed up the Going to The Sun Road to Logan’s Pass (the Continental Divide). We stopped at Sunrift Gorge, which was this awesome gorge that went on for forever with the rock standing straight up on each side. You can hike through it when the water level is a little lower, so I think that will be a must do for me in August.

We went up to check out the Logan’s Pass Visitor Center and the Glacier. The Glacier was cool, but the visitor’s center wasn’t nearly as awesome as the one in St. Mary. One really cool thing about Glacier National Park is that they have a free transit system that runs along the Going-To-The-Sun Road and stops at all the major trailheads. This makes hiking an absolute breeze, because you can start at one trail and end on another and hop on the transit to your bus.

On our way home, we stopped at the Cattle Barron Supper Club in Babb, Montana right outside the border and had the best steak I have ever had. Apparently, local Southern Albertans have been known to cross the border for a great dinner at this great restaurant. The décor of the restaurant was a fabulous native/outdoor theme with a huge log serving as the anchor for the spiral staircase and placemats with local native stories.

And we had a terrific send off on the way home. The crappy rain brought with it, a gorgeous double rainbow that arced over Babb.

And that was my quick day trip through North East Glacier. A really cool spot, only a half hour away from Southern Alberta.

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