So Monday was my first ball game with Boyfriends team. I was so freaking nervous because he and his team take this pretty seriously. We have had a few practices and I embarrassed myself by screaming and ducking when the ball came to close to me. With lots of extra practices from Boyfriend and his buddy Winter, I am not ducking anymore but I still lack some serious coordination skills.

I have never played a sport with a ball!! I did swimming, figure skating, gymnastics, cheer, cross country, track and triathlons. None of which required a ball!

The game wasn’t too bad. I played Rover so the ball never came to me so I didn’t have to worry about screaming and ducking. And I was the only girl to successfully make it first base!! But while I was sprinting for it…. I tripped on the base and did an aerial somersault before skidding across the gravel. See, no one told me that the bases aren’t actually soft bags, they are hard plastic! I have a nice scrape over half my shin from not knowing that.

Boyfriend said he had never seen anyone’s face redder in his whole life! But I felt a little better after another girl on our team, who has been playing for years took a ball to the face.

We have another game tonight and I’m hoping with one under my belt, I’ll be okay now.


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