This post is way overdue, but I came back to a pile of work and have just now caught up two weeks after getting back. Hawaii was NOT at all what I had been hoping for. I got sick on the plane ride over. Really sick. A fever, and swollen throat set in for the first 5 days of my seven day vacation. So I did not get to go surfing every day, go running along the Ala Wai Canal, cliff jump or do a ton of hiking like I had originally planned. So every morning I popped Motrin and Dayquil and lay on the beach or my floaty tube, not my idea of the perfect vacation but what is a girl to do?  The last two days I felt better so I got to go surfing with my sister, but the waves in Waikiki are a joke and it is soooo crammed full of people, you are lucky if you get two good waves.

I wouldn’t stay in Waikiki again. While it was really convenient to not need a rental car and to have everything we need within walking distance, I found it crowded and it just didn’t feel like home like the North Shore does. Here are a few shots from my trip.

All that dieting and exercise for nothing… ick!

Why did my sister get the hot body genes?

My mermaid shot

Full moon on the Ala Wai Canal

I taught my sister Leilani how to surf

She caught on really fast!

If only I could have spent every day like this!

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