I have to put up a heavy post because lately I have been stressed to the max over things that need to be done right away and things that are so far off that I shouldn’t even spend any time thinking about them but I do.

I have always been an achiever. Throughout life I have made goals for myself, achieved them, made more goals, achieved those, etc. I have always gone in that big circle. If I don’t have anything to do I feel lost. If I spend an evening on the couch watching TV I feel guilty that I wasted time I could have been cleaning, reading, or doing something. This vicious achiever in me has made it impossible for me to enjoy the present- I am ALWAYS looking at the future. While a little thought for the future is a good thing, focusing soley on it is ridiculous. My life is a constant cycle of worry, to the point that I am beginning to wonder if I need an anti-anxiety medication.

Nothing helps me forget my troubles like hiking in the mounatins

I am determined to get out of this rut I am in and enjoy the now. I have already accepted that I will never be financially secure. There will always be unexpected expenses, retirement will always seem daunting and I will always have some sort of debt in my life (student loan, car loan, mortgage). Accepting that I will always have a little financial stress has made it easier on me to accept things as they come up. And I am taking steps to easing that stress as much as possible. I am paying off debts and once those are done I will start a savings account and an RRSP and slowly sock away money. I have accepted I will never be rich, but I don’t need money to be happy I just need to have a grip on my finances.

There are several articles and websites dedicating to helping you find happiness and contentment with life. Because I am such an over organized person, I prefer checklists. So here is a checklistof just a few things to help you find happiness and contentment.

  • Accept who you are
  • Appreciate your life
  • Do things you really like often
  • Accept that your paycheck is enough
  • Turn off the technology (a hard one for those of who work at a computer)
  • Every morning, think of one thing you are looking forward to in the day
  • Do something nice for someone else
  • Walk or Meditate for 15 minutes every day
  • Realize that material possessions do not make us happy
  • Don’t become, just be

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