Ryan and I headed off to Richland, Washington yesterday for Christmas. It was a ten hour drive and I was determined to eat healthy on the way there instead of stopping for junk like I normally do.

Here is what I packed for a healthy road trip.

celery sticks

instant coffee and green tea

chicken sandwiches

cut up dragon fruit

Lots of fruit

Greek Yogurt

Pomegranate Seeds

Bottles of water

Two bags of snacks

Eating a pear on the road

Pomegranates on the road

Now, we didn’t follow my eating plan to a tee. We did stop for coffee at Timmy’s and got a cheeseburger at Wendy’s in Cranbrook.

Tmmy’s, Ryan and the mountains. Three of my favorite things

But other than those two little slips we ate well and enjoyed a beautiful (but super long) drive through the mountains.


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