The day after my brothers wedding, the cousins all decided to go on a hike to some hot springs, some of us were less stoked than others about this. We braved the rain and went off to Fifth Water Hot Springs located near Spanish Fork, Utah, about 10 miles south of Provo or 55 miles south of Salt Lake City.

The hike itself is about 2.5 miles and takes about an hour. It is very easy with very little uphill climbing and the trail is breathtaking as it runs along creeks the whole way.

Walking along the flat trail

I tried to climb this cool rock wall. Didn’t get very far though

The walk along the creeks was amazing

Looking down stream from the falls

The Falls

Rain on the hot spring

At the top of the falls to change

All my cousins and I in the smaller pool

While I am anything but thrilled with my chubby body, the look on my face in this pic is exactly how I was feeling. Pure joy!

This hike was one of the most beautiful outdoor experiences of my life. The only downside is that when I got home in the showerthe smell of sulphur washed off my skin and stank up the bathroom. Lol.


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