Thanks to Camille I actually have photo evidence that I do in fact play softball. Here it is:

Yup, that’s me in the pink tank top. ūüôā

Coutts was a lot of fun; but who doesn’t have fun camping, playing ball and hanging out with your friends? We came in 10th our of ¬†13 teams. ¬†Ha!

It was hot, I got a good burn, it was pretty nice.

My absolute favourite part was being outside all the time. I would wake up and go outside for food, bathroom, etc. I could totally be a gypsy and live in a camper.

And so, a few photos from the weekend.

Cheering on beer races

My cousin Jenn in the beer races

Camille was sick and we gave it a thumbs up.

Jenn trying to snare a gopher

That long grass line is the border. This ¬†was Billie & Camille’s tent, but you can see is how close our camp site was to it. Border patrol was there the whole time making sure we didn’t cross.



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