After hiking Bear’s Hump, canoeing on Cameron Lake and a pit stop at Pearl’s for a wrap we headed to Red Rock Canyon. I told you we had a lot to fit into one day! My mum and my stepdad walked along the paved trail that goes around it and watched Ben and I walk through the canyon, playing like little kids in the water.

Lots of natural little water slides in the canyon. I didn’t actually slide, the water was so cold!

This is the spot where my sister thought she was going to drown last time I brought her up. Ha ha ha ha! The water goes to your waist!

Someone placed a log so we didn’t have to wade through the freezing water

Didn’t know if it was going to hold his weight

Wading through the water

The end of the canyon

Looking up the canyon to the observation bridge

Another natural water slide

Ben slid down this. Video clip below




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