For years and years I fought the concept of a running buddy. Maybe it goes back to my cross country days when I was always so far behind my team mates. But every Monday for the past month or so, my friend Catherine and I have been going running in the coulees and doing stairs in our runs. Catherine is my friend who ran in the Moonlight Run with me when she was 7 months pregnant and is my go -to Waterton hiking buddy. Catherine is the perfect running buddy because we are at about the same fitness level and both like to push ourselves a little every run and I love it!

Yesterday we ran in Indian Battle Park and did the massive amounts of stairs to the gazebo. We also decided we are going to step up our runs from once a week to three times a week (schedules allowing). By next years Moonlight Run we are going to be lean, mean, running machines. I am so glad that I found the perfect running buddy!

The stairs we ran. Catherine’s feet and our third running partner, Franklin.

I need to find my Nike+ sensor so I can start recording how far we run and calories burned.


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