Friday Fitness Overview

This week was not half bad, meaning I worked out half the week. Lol! This was a very heavy cheer coaching week with a tournament Fri/Sat, a game Wednesday and practice Thursday. It did cut into what would have been work out time but that’s okay, the joy I get from coaching is worth it.

Friday– Abs. 15 minutes (40 cal).  Coached

Saturday-Nothing. Coached

Sunday– Nothing.

Monday– Yoga (105 cal). Abs 15 minutes (40 cal). Weights 15 minutes. (65 cal)

Tuesday– Nothing.

Wednesday–  Nothing. Coached

Thursday- BodySculpt (231 cal). Abs 25 minutes (70 cal) Coached- Got to throw a girl in the air a few times

Total Calories Burned- 551 

Ouch!! I honestly thought I had done a lot better this week than that! It helps so much to write out what you actually do each week!

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