Friday Fitness Overview

I discovered an AMAZING app this week! The new Nike Training Club app. This amazing app gives you a ton of free workouts you can do at home. All you need is weights and a wide space and you are good to go. These workouts get my heart pounding and I sweat buckets, all in 30-45 minutes. I am going to try to do a workout from this app five times a week and see if I can lean out before my wedding!


Friday- 20 minutes of Taebo with my workout buddy Catie! (175 cal)

Saturday- Nike Training Club Workout. 30 min. (262 cal)

Sunday- Nike Training Club Workout. 45 min. (393 cal)

This is what I look like after a killer workout. Not pretty, but super sweaty!

This is what I look like after a killer workout. Not pretty, but super sweaty!

Monday- Yoga 40 min. (141 cal)

I had a great compliment today.  I walked into a meeting and a coworker said “Wow! You’re going to have to have your wedding dress taken in for sure!” That felt so good to hear because I don’t see a difference at all. Talk about motivation to keep it up!

I had a hard time sleeping though my body ached so bad. I had such a sharp pain in my right quad that I had to heat it and take ibuprofen. Hopefully that was a one time deal and I won’t ache like that again.

Tuesday- HIIT 30 min (240 cal)

Wednesday- Curling 30 min (168 cal)

I was planning on making Wednesday a much needed rest day. I have been exhausted and tight and sore. But curling was so fun it didn’t feel like a workout at all!


Thursday- Nothing. Rest Day.

Total Calories Burned this Week 1,379

So there you have it! I finally had a good week! Woot! Woot! However, I still need to step it big time if I want to lose by February! I would like to take off a pound a week but I don’t know if I can if all that work was only 1379 calories!

I am off to Waterton today for a snowshoeing adventure! 🙂 That should be a good calorie scorcher.

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