Snow Shoeing in Waterton December 2012


I had a half day from work on Friday so of course I made plans to get outside and to the mountains for snow shoeing. I had originally planned to go up to Bertha Falls but when I pulled in there was so little snow that I opted to go on the tried and true trail to Cameron Lake.

The drive into Waterton Park

The drive into Waterton Park

I got a late start and didn’t hit the trail until 3 pm.


My tracks just off the trail

I took the side path rather than the main trail, which is the trail I have taken cross country skiing and snow shoeing in the past. I was shocked at how much better shape I am in compared to my last snow shoe excursion. I wasn’t breathing as heavy, my legs weren’t as tired, it was awesome!

It was just me too. I didn’t see a single person on the trail. I also forgot my ipod so instead of listening to music like I usually do, I enjoyed the sound of my snowshoes crunching, my breathing, and the birds in the trees. Other than these sounds, it was completely silent. I did find myself wondering what I would do if a cougar attacked me. Ha ha! I have been alone in these mountains a lot without any trouble but once in a while I do wonder.

Saw an owl in the trees

Saw an owl in the trees

I didn’t make it to Cameron Lake though. I was going along at a good place, but when it hit 3:45 and it was getting darker very quickly I got nervous and turned around. The last thing I wanted was to be stuck up there in the dark with no light! It was a lot of fun, but I would have had more fun if I had a companion.

I love my winter adventures in the mountains

I love my winter adventures in the mountains




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