Friday Fitness Overview

This week was not nearly as good as last week! Not in the slightest! I got sick on Monday and didn’t feel like myself again until today!

Friday- Snow shoeing! 1 hour. (About 500 cal.)


Saturday- Nike Fitness workout 30 min. (262 cal)

Sunday- Rest Day.

Monday– Sick.

Tuesday– Sick.

Wednesday– Recovering still. Maybe it’s an excuse but when I don’t feel good, I don’t work out!

Thursday- BodySculpt 40 min. (231 cal)

This was a test of my dedication! I got to the gym and the zipper on my skirt was broken. I could not get the skirt off. As I saw it I had two options, I could leave, not work out and cut it off when I got home or I could cut it off at the gym, work out and quickly buy a cheap skirt to replace it after. So I went to the front desk, borrowed a pair of scissors and cut off the skirt! Ha ha! And it was worth it, because my glutes have NEVER burned as much as they did in today’s class!

Total Calories Burned- 993

I’m not gonna stress too much about this bad week, when you’re sick- you’re sick!

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