Friday- Cycle class. 40 min. (About 260 cal)

Saturday- Rest Day

Sunday–  1.6km walk in -14 weather 🙂 (90 cal)

Nothing like a walk in -14 degree weather to make you feel alive

Nothing like a walk in -14 degree weather to make you feel alive

Nike Training Club Workout 45 min. (393 cal)

The Nike workout KILLED me today. I don’t know if it’s because I went for a long walk in the freezing cold or I didn’t have enough to eat that day or what. But it really killed.

Monday- Run 30 min. (300 cal)

Satisfied with my Christmas run.

Satisfied with my Christmas run.

Merry Christmas! I had to work so I went to the gym at lunch as usual and hit the treadmill since yoga was cancelled. This was my first run since the Clause Cause in November so I was expecting to huff and puff through 30 minutes. Imagine my happy surprise when I didn’t need to take a walk break until 15 minutes in, and even then, I walked for a minute and a half and jogged for another 14! The last two minutes I ran up an incline because I have to train for that darn hill at the end of the Moonlight Run.

It wasn’t a super fast time or anything, but I did a lot better than I though I would which is nice.

Tuesday- Nothing


Thursday– Nothing

I was doing so well at the beginning of the week but those darn holidays did me in! I was having way too much fun hanging out with my family to care about working out.

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