This was a bad week. A bad, bad week. As soon as Christmas was over I panicked and went into straight wedding mode and I have been skipping workouts to shop, design programs, cute and paste wine labels, etc.  I’m going to call this week my mulligan but I need to step it up!

Friday– Nothing

Saturday– 1 hour hike (300 cal)

My little brother Ben and I bundled up and hiked up Badger Mountain in the snow. I was feelign so restless after DAYS of inactivity I just had to get outside and move and I wasn’t about to let a little snow stop me.

Hiking in the snow

Hiking in the snow

Sunday- Thursday–  Nothing

Total Calories Burned- 300

However, I am about to step up my activity level a lot. Next week I will start curling once a week and taking a recreational cheer class AND training for the 2013 Moonlight Run!

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  • ko0ty January 6, 2013 at 5:00 am

    I know how you feel about feeling like crap after not working out hard enough during the week but I always remind myself that I can always work harder next week. Short term failures isn’t going to do as much damage to your long tern goals as much as you think.. Well unless you always do them but that’s a different story!


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