Friday– Nothing

Saturday– Ice skating 2 hours (700 calories)

Say what?!? I have always loved to skate, I took lessons as a kid, but I had no idea that this fun activity burns so many calories! And it’s cold enough that we can skate on open ponds like we did on Saturday for my nephews birthday! I see many skating parties in my near future.


Sunday– Nothing

Monday– Run on treadmill. 30 min @ 12 min/mile (262 cal.)

Today was the first day of training for the Moonlight Run! I was happy at where my fitness level is compared to when I started training at this time last year!


Tuesday– Nothing

Wednesday– Ran 39 min @ 12 min/mile mostly (387 calories)


Cheer class- 2 hours ( 700 cal)

 According to Livetrong, 16-year-old female cheerleader weighing 130 lbs. could burn up to 316 calories during an hour of practice. I am way older than that and heavier so I going to guess 350 which is probably low balling it. 

That’s right. Finally! After years of waiting! I have found a recreational adult cheer class! I have been wanting to get my tumbling back for years and years but could never find a place that worked with my schedule until now. We did stunting (preps, extension, straight up libs, and baskets), we did some tumbling and I got to work on my back handsprings again, I felt like I was in high school all over. We did some jumps and then spent the last half hour doing conditioning. And YIKES! I keep thinking I’m in shape until I really get pushed. My biggest problem is I have such a week core! I always have too. I need to make a point of doing core work on a regular basis and get stronger.

I’m looking forward to more fun classes and to getting my tumbling back! Yeah!

Thursday- I had planned to workout but I was waaaaay too sore from my double workout yesterday to do a thing but stretch.

Total Calories Burned- 2,049

Wow! It was a great calorie burn weekend (consider I had yet to break 1,100 prior to this) and it’s because I did two activities that I love that scorch calories! It doesn’t feel like I worked out at all but I actually did. Hopefully it’s warm enough to go skating again this weekend!

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  • Cookie Dough Katzen January 11, 2013 at 11:22 am

    I love ice skating! I’ve never been on a real lake to ice skate but I think that would be much more fun than going around and around on a small ice rink!

    • Betty LIVIN January 11, 2013 at 2:06 pm

      It is so much fun skating outside! A little sketchy because without a zamboni there are a lot of cracks and bumps, but still so much fun!

  • ko0ty February 5, 2013 at 6:33 pm

    Wow thats a lot of calories burnt… and most importantly, more calories you can eat back. 😉


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