Saturday was a unique day because it was my Great Uncle’s funeral. You would never guess it looking at me, but my great grandmother is Samoan. This was Ryan’s chance to meet my brown relatives. Not exactly the happiest occasion for it, but it was nice to be there to pay my respects and represent my mom’s family.

After the funeral, we headed to Turtle Bay cove for more snorkelling and the most incredible thing happened, we swam with a sea turtle!! All my years of snorkelling in that cove and I finally got to swim with a wild sea turtle.


Ryan really enjoyed snorkelling


The sea turtle is on the bottom centre and that’s my butt on the right


We didn’t touch him but this is how close we got!


Hello beautiful sea turtle


Bye turtle!

That evening, we headed to the Polynesian Cultural Centre evening show, Ha; a breathe of life. I have been going to the night show for a long time and this was the most dramatic, pageantry one I’ve seen.


These photos don’t belong to me, I googled them



It was wonderful! Ryan and I did laugh because there was one skinny white guy dancing and he stood out like a sore thumb. If we had more money, I would have taken Ryan to the centre for the day as there is so much great cultural stuff to see and learn.

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  • Mainland Kamaaina April 4, 2013 at 8:15 am

    Cool turtle pics. I used to work at the PCC, miss that place.


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