We started off that morning with a hike on Hauula Trail Loop.  It is a 3 mile loop with a little climbing, a great place for a trail run or a family hike.

Park at the beach across from 7-11 and head up the residential road towards the mountain.


There is a little parking at that yellow gate ahead but it’s better to park on the beach


You’ll walk along a road for a little bit


To the right you’ll see this sign for the beginning of the loop

I’ll warn you right here. At the loop you get to choose to go right or left. We went right because it started off uphill so we thought we would get the uphill climb out of the way. Go left! There is less climbing if you go left than to the right.


This trail reminded me of my cross country days


Halfway through we saw this red hill and decided to climb it


And this is the view we got


Ryan enjoying the view


If we had gone the other way we would have gone down these steps instead of up.


It was a great, easy, beautiful hike


We stopped by Laie Point to see if we could jump (like I did in 2008) but it was way too windy and choppy so we got a few pictures and called it a day.


Ryan on Laie Point


I was dying to jump but it was really choppy

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