It’s baaaack! After the honeymoon I became a total blob and stopped working out. My lunch hours were spent in a restaurant eating and reading a book and my evenings were spent on the couch with my new hubby inhaling fresh baked chocolate chip cookies like they were going out of style.

I stayed in blissful ignorance until two weeks ago at a friend’s house when I weighed myself and saw I had gained nine pounds in the two months since the wedding. Well, I think her scale was off, because the gym scale the next day said I was 173 (not 177) but that is still five pounds more than the 168 I had ballooned to two winters ago. So in the past two years, I have put on 18 pounds!!! I blame my husband entirely. He has way too much a of a sweet tooth it’s hard for me to be good.

Thanks to MyFitnessPal app, I am recording my food intake and my exercise. In two weeks, I have already gone from 173 to 169. Now, I know that is pretty much all water weight, but a victory on the scale is still a victory.

Anyway- my current weight is 169 now and my goal weight is 150.

Friday- I was in SLC for my brothers graduation and while I did not get in a formal work out. We spent and about two hours or so walking; around campus at University of Utah and at a cool pioneer village. (291 cal)

Had to wear my little brother's shoes because all that walking in heels was impossible!

Had to wear my little brother’s shoes because all that walking in heels was impossible!

Saturday- Hiked to Fifth Water Hot Springs! And then when we cooled off in the hotel pool I did some aqua jogging for a good 15 minutes or so. (539 cal)

Approaching the hot springs and waterfall. There were a lot of people there that day

Approaching the hot springs and waterfall. There were a lot of people there that day

Sunday- Sat on my butt for 13 hours driving home. Ugh! NOT fun!

Monday- Yoga (128 cal) and a short 10 minute run with the puppy to the ball diamonds to watch a little league game (102 cal)

Tuesday- HIIT @ lunch (230 cal)

Wednesday- Zumba (452) and 18 rounds of golf (1012 cal- which seems high to me but is what find on several calorie calculators)

I just love being outside!

I just love being outside!

Thursday- Softball (385 cal)

We have a TON of girls on our team so there was a lot of sitting. Not to mention I struck out all four times I batted! I was SO frustrated!! I need to step this ball thing up and start really putting some practice hours in.

Total Calories Burned- 2,127

Darn! Not quite enough for a full pound, though I have taken off a pound in the last week. I guess I’m not taking into account the low-cal clean eating I have been sticking to as well. It’s been a good week! 🙂

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