Sorry for the delay in posting this, but I was so stoked for camping this weekend I completely forgot to post my Friday Fitness Overview last Friday.

HIIT on Tuesday was so tough for the first time in years I was close to throwing up during a workout. At first I was stoked about that, thinking I was going back to my college days of being a bad ass but I payed for it the next day. I was SO tired on Wednesday that I took three naps! Three! I slept on my coffee break for 15 minutes, for a half hour at lunch, for a half hour after work before dinner and then I was in bed and out by 8:30! I slept for 11.25 hours- almost exactly half of the day. Wowza!

Ryan and I also played a couple serious badminton games with some friends. It is such a fun way to work out!

Friday- Cycle Class (308 calories)

Saturday– Run w/ my running buddy Catie (205 calories)


The new running buddies- Rocky & Olive

Sunday– Run with Rocky (329 calories)

Sunday Runday

Sunday Runday

Badminton (260 calories)

Monday– Nothing

Tuesday– HIIT (300 calories)

– Badminton (255 calories)

Wednesday– Please! I could barely keep my eyes open let alone work out!

ThursdayР Walked the dog (127 calories)

Total Calories Burned- 1,784

Wow! So I thought that last week was a bad fitness week but it was actually a stellar one! Go Rachel!

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