Running. :)

Running. 🙂

I am so close to giving up on my battle with these extra 15 pounds. I have done almost everything I can and the pounds haven’t budged. I’ve eaten healthy, stuck to a 1400 calorie a day eating plan, seen a dietitian who said I was doing it all right , had my thyroid tested three times and talked to my doctor numerous times. In our last visit, he suggested that this is just my body’s new base weight and I should just worry about keeping more from coming on. Can you believe that? Just accept that I hate my stomach? I’ve been asked if I was pregnant a few times now, that is NOT a nice feeling!

In a last ditch effort before I research liposuction (yes folks I’m getting that desperate- it’s been 2 years of this) I am going to take up distance running. I HATE distance running! SO MUCH! I ran cross country my senior year of high school as a way to hang out with my best friend. I was so slow I used to do my hair and makeup before every race because “If I can’t run good I may as well look good.” I often heard myself referred to as “the hot slow girl from Cascade.” In fact, I did qualify for Districts (the qualifying race for State) because they take the top seven girls from each school and we only had seven girls on our team. They started the boys race before I was done because they couldn’t fathom anyone could still be that far behind, oh I was!

I hate training. Besides the Moonlight Run last year every race I have run I haven’t trained for Lethbridge 4-Miler, Splash, Pedal, Gasp Triathlon,  LadiesFest, Magrath Triathlon, and the Clause Cause.

But I was the slimmest I have ever been in my whole life while running cross country so I am going to start down that path once more.  If this doesn’t work, only plastic surgery will. So I am doing my research for some helpful hints and tips to get me into the mindset of this for life not just for training a short period.  I know I’ll need proper running shoes, but I wanted to see if I could find out any more secrets of life long runners and how they keep it up.

Buy the Right Running Shoes

images (2)

Research tells me the Brooks PureCadence is the best shoe for folks with high arches.

Buy these shoes here!

Mix it Up

Vary your workouts with Fartleks, hills and intervals.

Sign Up for a Race

Me starting the 8k!

Me starting the 8k!

Keep your training–and your weight–consistent.

Run with friends

My running Buddy  in the pink.

My running Buddy in the pink.

Coach at a local middle school or high school.

This one is an interesting thought. I coach cheer and I have coached track and I LOVE it. Maybe if I shape up, I could volunteer to coach a cross country team.


Stretch & Strength Train

Prevent injuries!

Join a Club

We do have running clubs here in Lethbridge, but I am way to self conscious of how slow I am to join a group. I like being competitive but when it comes to distance I am not competitive at all.

Have Fun

Yeah I don’t see myself having fun running, EVER. If I see the pounds melt away then I’ll have fun.

So here’s to hoping I can make this a habit, stick with to and see some weight come off!

My blurry running pic

My blurry running pic


  • LivingMintGreen July 31, 2013 at 6:26 pm

    Friend, you should read that book I talked about recently – Fitness Confidential. It will change your life. (You can order it through Amazon – I think it’s $10 for the e-reader edition) OR even just listen to the angriest trainer podcast. 🙂

    Also, I hope this doesn’t sound creepy/weird, but I’m studying nutrition through CSNN & need volunteers for nutritional case studies. If you’re interested in figuring out underlying reasons why you’re having difficulty losing weight/need a second pair of eyes on reviewing your diet, I can help you figure it all out AND you’d be helping me with school. 🙂

    • Betty LIVIN August 1, 2013 at 8:37 am

      Not creepy at all! I’m in! Because even with gluten free and dairy free I still get stomach aches too.

      I’ll go pick up Fitness Confidential this weekend.


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