Yesterday was an amazingly productive day for me. Our server was down and I was without internet, email or access to my files for the entire day. Now I’m sure most if you are scratching your head wondering how on earth that makes for a productive day. I’ll list the ways it helps you!

Collect Your Thoughts

I don’t know about you but I am a frantic note taker. I take notes in a notebook and on post its and stick them all over my desk. I never seem to have the time to go through those notes and post its and condense it into a single word document which I was able to do yesterday.

Talk to Your Colleagues

I had a lot of things I need from people who I have emails out to. Since I couldn’t follow up via email I walked around the office going to each person talking to them about what I need. Not only did I get most of the answers I was looking for but I also reminded them of an item that was pushed to the bottom of their inbox.


Not having any distractions has given me time to think about various other projects I could start up. With no distractions I was able to write away in a word document detailing what I would like to do and why. Normally carving out the time for creative thinking is impossible but with a quiet day I am able to think outside of single minded tasks and requests.

Because of today I have decided that I will try to go offline one day every couple of months. This will help me get a handle on all the items I need to accomplish and have the time to think of how to accomplish them. Try it out and tell me what you think! NO EMAIL! I know that’s a hard one but you get so much more work done in a shorter amount of time if you talk in person.

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