Happy November 1st! How many of you are feeling sick from the crazy amount of sweets you ate yesterday? I was very happy with myself as I had a pretty healthy Halloween. I ate 2 caramel apples smothered in creamy caramel topped with sprinkles, chocolate chips and skor for breakfast. By 10 am I was feeling disgustingly sick to my stomach and craving something healthy.  I sipped on mint tea the rest of the morning and ate a large salad for lunch followed by a carrot-ginger juice from Jamba Juice.

After that, I didn’t crave any more sweets! I had a Halloween size smarties and skittles that night but that was it. After dinner I did a little dry brushing and took a long, steamy bath to sweat out the sugar. So while most of my coworkers are complaining of stomach aches this morning, I’m feeling great!



So for next year, maybe follow my

Healthy Halloween Tips

1. Eat All Your Junk in Morning– I know this sounds weird, filling up on sweets in the a.m. but if you do that, you have the whole rest of the day to digest it.

2. Drink a ton of water/tea– I am a coffee addict and drink several cups a day but yesterday I swapped out the coffee for mint herbal tea to help my stomach.

3. Fill up on Veggies– Eat a huge salad for lunch & dinner. It feels so good to eat a nutritious meal when your belly is full of garbage.

4. Work up a sweat– I was too lazy, but I should have hit the gym and sweat it out.  If you aren’t a hermit like me and are going to a party, dance it up!

5. Dry Brush/Hot Bath– I love dry brushing. It’s supposed to be really good for your circulation but I also love how it sloughs off dead skin. Just remember to start with your arms and legs and stroke in towards your heart.

Now with Halloween over I can turn my attention to my favourite holiday in the whole world- Christmas!

A friend pointed out the irony of dressing as a 50s housewife at work!

A friend pointed out the irony of dressing as a 50s housewife at work!


  • Leigh November 1, 2013 at 10:46 am

    I love your hair! It looks fantastic 🙂

    • Betty LIVIN November 1, 2013 at 11:00 am

      Thanks! It was super hard to brush out though. it took a lot of leave in conditioner!


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