Friday Fitness Recap

Like my fancy title graphic? I'm going to change it each season with the  activities I am doing most.

Like my fancy title graphic? I’m going to change it each season with the activities I am doing most.

I am officially reinstating Friday Fitness Recaps! Is it cheap that I’m doing it again because I’m working out again? Maybe. Ha ha! But I want to improve my blog in 2014- I’m working with a designer for a new look and I want to get a few weekly posts going. Fit Tip Tuesday is one of them and now Friday Fitness Recap.

I have been meaning to write a post, maybe this weekend on how I am undergoing 10k training. I won’t go into great details here but I have been able to stick to my training schedule and it’s amazing to watch myself get better and better every day!

I’ve also noticed that the more I run, the more energy I have. The complete opposite of what people think.

Anyway, here is my past week:

Friday– 20 minutes Hatha yoga

Saturday– Terrible run/walk 3.75miles in 63:29


Let me tell you the story behind this one!  During my Friday yoga session, I was following a new youtube video and they had us do a spinal twist in child’s pose. I thought it was odd but went along with it and spasmed my back out! I was in so much pain all Friday afternoon. When I got home, Ryan offered me a muscle relaxant (he has major back issues) so when I grabbed one and he told me I should take at least two. I insisted that I should start with one since I never take prescription drugs but he insisted one would not help me. I passed out at 7:30 and I didn’t wake up until 10:00 am the next day!

I was not about to miss my long run (I was supposed to do 6 miles) so I drank a cup of coffee and headed to my grandparents to use their treadmill. I could NOT get my muscles to wake up to save my life! My legs felt like complete jello the entire time. I texted Ryan while walking along and told him he was a jerk for insisting I take two.

Lesson learned- NO muscle relaxants!

Monday– Hatha Yoga

Tuesday– Easy Run 2.26 miles in 30 min.


Wednesday– My first two-a-day in 10 years!!

Remember how I said running has given me more energy? Well, Wednesday was my first two-a-day since 2004!

Weights- 30 minutes

Speed work Run-  4 miles in 51:13


Thursday– Easy Run- 2 miles in 25:37


So there you have it- I managed to get in a workout five days last week, one of them being a two-a-day.

Here a few additional fitness related items I thought I would share too.


My office- Can YOU spot the four healthy items in this picture?

My office- Can YOU spot the four healthy items in this picture?

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