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Sometimes life just won’t let you workout.

I was supposed to do a long run this weekend (8 miles) but my husband was called into work over the weekend leaving me to care for my two step kids. I checked my gym and they only do childcare during the week (so inconvenient for working mom’s), I live in a small town with one walking/running path which was absolutely ice covered, and the only person I know with a treadmill is my grandparents, and again- I have the two kids. I would never ask my aged grand parents to watch them for 1.5-2 hours while I run away on their treadmill.

I was pretty upset about the change in my plans and the lack of running over the weekend. But I had to get over it and realize that sometimes life says “No” to your workouts. I was active, taking the kids to the park and for a river valley walk on Saturday and then playing in an frozen irrigation canal on Sunday.

With that- here is my week

Friday– Rest Day

Last Friday was Sports Day at work so I squeezed into the one cheer uniform that still fits (sad Rachel) and relived my younger days!

There were others who dressed up, but I was in a meeting all morning and missed th egroup picture.

There were others who dressed up, but I was in a meeting all morning and missed the group picture.

Saturday– 30 minute walk with kids

Sunday– Nothing but a little playing with the kids, it was cold and windy but we managed to have some fun in an irrigation canal.


Monday– Hatha Yoga 40 minutes

Curling 1 hour

Calories burned in an hour- about 173

Calories burned in an hour- about 173

Tuesday– Nothing! I was supposed to do an easy run but back spasms kept me from doing that. Made an appoinment on Friday to see a massage therapist.

Wednesday– Ice skating 25 minutes at lunch (214 calories burned)

Running- Speedwork (0.5 mile warm/cool and 3 X  800 at 4:40 with 400 metre rest between) 3 miles- 35 minutes


I was so mad at myself on Thursday! My gym bag was packed and ready and I forgot it. Thursday evenings I coach cheerleading so I was unable to run when I got home, and even then my options are limited in my small town. Do I run in the dark on the ice covered walking path? or go to my grandparents to use their treadmill while my grandma pops her head in ever 5 minutes to chat? Neither was a good option. But I’ll do an easy run today, my normal rest day, to make up for yesterday. It’s supposed to be really nice out so I’m considering a possible outdoor run.

That was my week. Not nearly as good as the week before, sometimes life just kicks your butt.


I kept repeating this to myself on Monday after a really bad morning. It helped a lot.

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