Like my fancy title graphic? I'm going to change it each season with the  activities I am doing most.

Happy Friday! This week was not my best- I either gave Ryan and myself food poisoning or we caught a bug. But either way I spent a couple days super sick to my stomach this week.

Saturday- 2.13 mile walk/run/dance

Yes you read that right- run/walk/dance! I originally planned on doing my first long run of 8 miles on an irrigation road by Jensen’s Reservoir but a half mile in I called it because of the cold, biting wind.

Beautiful scenery

Beautiful scenery

I walked on a little more so the dog could get his exercise in. While walking a couple of really good tunes came on my FitRadio app. Do you not have this app? GET IT IMMEDIATELY! It is amazing and free!



I love the hip hop station since there is no hip hop radio station here in Lethbridge. So I walked/danced down that abandoned road for a good half mile, it was awesome

Sunday– 8 miles in a little over 1:55:00

I finally got in a long run! And man do they suck! I had dreams of a half marathon but after that 8 mile run, I think 10k is the max I’ll ever go. It was a run/walk for sure but it was still a huge feeling of accomplishment when I did it. I was a lazy runner for sure because I watched Forgetting Sarah Marshall on my phone while I ran. It really helped the time go by though.

It took me about 1:48 to run 8 miles. Yikes it was tough!

It took me about 1:45 to run 8 miles. Yikes it was tough!

Monday– Hatha Yoga 40 minutes

Tuesday– Easy Run 2 miles 24:26

IMG_5052Wednesday- SICK

Thursday- SICK

So sadly, this week was a bit of a write off but at least it was only a couple of days. I have all next week to make up for it!

On a side note- it’s that time of year again. When I begin JONESING for Hawaii! I have a live Waikiki webcam open on my computer these days so I can glance at it while I work and pretend I’m there. 


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