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As I have alluded to in past posts, I am training for a 10k- the longest distance I will ever run at one time. I’m not going to lie, I didn’t have much motivation to run that far and figured I would be good with 5k’s this summer. Then my workout buddy Cat signed up for the 10k and encouraged me to “woman  up” so I also enrolled.

I began my training back in December to ease myself into the running habit. I found it’s easy to do the short runs because they take 40 minutes of less. It’s finding the time (and motivation) for the long runs that I’m finding more difficult.

I did a lot of research on beginner 10k training programs before deciding to go with the Fit Sugar 10k training program. I used their program to train for the 6k Moonlight Run two years ago and decided that I would trust the 10k program. It’s odd, because the only time I run over 4 miles is once a week on my Saturday long runs. The rest of the week consists of easy runs or speed work, so I’m a little nervous.

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Sorry about the pictures of a piece of paper.

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Speaking of the Saturday long runs, hoo boy are they ever rough for a non runner! I am a sprinter, in high school cross country I was known as “the hot,slow girl from Cascade” ha ha! But I have been forcing myself to push through the distance.

It took me about 1:48 to run 8 miles. Yikes it was tough!

It took me about 1:48 to run 8 miles. Yikes it was tough!

So what are YOU waiting for? Sign up for that 5 or 10k, sign up for that half marathon (with plenty of training time). I bet you’ll find once the money is invested you’ll find the drive to train.

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