My 10k is in just three weeks on March 8 and I do not feel prepared at all. While I realize that a spring road race is a great way to kick off the season, it also means you have to train in the winter. And training in the winter sucks because…

It’s Cold

Where I live winter is cold, icy, frost bite-y cold. For the past couple weeks it has been -20C or colder- non-stop and I am not nearly hard core enough to bundle up and go out in that.  In fact, if it’s colder than -5 I don’t run outside which means I’m  training on a treadmill.

Not hard core enough to run in THAT!

Not hard core enough to run in THAT!

It’s Windy

The beauty of winter in Southern Alberta is that if it’s not freezing, it’s super warm, plus temperatures. But with those warm temperatures are raging 70-100km/hour winds. Have you tried running in wind that strong? You basically are standing still and moving your legs up and down.

Beautiful scenery

Tried to run outside on this beautiful day, but 70km/hour winds made me turn around a mile in.

If You Don’t Have Your Own Treadmill

If you don’t have your own treadmill you are stuck at the gym. Four times a week for 30- 120 minutes at a time. Do you know what the last thing anyone wants to do after work or on the weekends? Leave their warm house to get in a cold car to go to the gym to run! It takes an iron will to accomplish this.

I like my gym, but it's 30 minutes away from my house so going on weekends is tedious. (It's 5 minutes from work which is why I chose it)

I like my gym, but it’s 30 minutes away from my house so going on weekends is tedious. (It’s 5 minutes from work which is why I chose it)

Long Runs Suck on a Treadmill

Did you know a treadmill will only let you set it for 60 minutes at a time? I didn’t. So when I do a long run at 60 minutes, I have to stop, reset and start all over again. And while I know that it isn’t a huge deal, when you hit 60 minutes and stop you’re quite likely to call it a day and go.

It took me about 1:48 to run 8 miles. Yikes it was tough!

Long runs are tedious on the treadmill. I want scenery!

So there you have it- Four reasons why this will be my last 10k in the spring. I might do a 5k, but never a 10k. From now on, I’ll sign up for August/September races and train in nice weather.

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  • Kristin February 13, 2014 at 6:42 am

    Running in summer is so much better- just walking out the door with shorts and a tank top! I am the same way…I have a half marathon mid March and can’t wait for this cold weather training to be over!!


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