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Happy Valentine’s Day- I guess. I’m not one for Valentine’s Day. Maybe it’s because of all the crappy ones I had as a teenager where I secretly hoped an admirer would surprise me with flowers and candy but it never happened. Did I really just admit that? Wow, I am getting comfortable with this whole blogging thing. I just asked Ryan for flowers at work to brighten an otherwise dull work day but other than that we don’t celebrate the holiday. And I ask for flowers at work every year and he has yet to deliver, so we’ll see if this year is my year Ha ha. Romance at its finest.

This past weekend was awesome fitness wise! Ryan and I stayed at the Sheraton Cavalier in Calgary to celebrate our anniversary and they had such an awesome gym. I enjoyed the hell out of my workouts! I watched Olympics while I worked out which inspired me to work out longer and harder and I had the place to myself so I could be as goofy as I wanted.

Starbucks on an elliptical- my idea of a relaxing vacation!

Starbucks on an elliptical- my idea of a relaxing vacation!

Then toward the end of the week, it got warm!!!! At last!!! I got to go outside and it was glorious! 

Friday– Nothing

Saturday– Easy Run 4 miles, Light weights

Hello fancy hotel treadmill

Hello fancy hotel treadmill

Sunday– 30 minutes elliptical, Tone It Up Work Out



Monday– Curling 1.5 hours


Tuesday– Nothing (Travelling and got lazy)

Wednesday– Nothing (Travelling and got lazy)

Also, let me explain this. I travelled to Red Deer for a workshop. And on this very day, Wednesday, while sitting in the icy room in Red Deer, I happened to look at the weather back home. It was -15 in Red Deer and +6 at home! I was so mad!


Thursday– 2.18 mile run 28 min.

This was a glorious run! It was warm,  I could feel the sun on my skin and I breathed in the air without my lungs burning. True bliss on this run. It was slow because I kept having to stop and tread lightly over icy patches but I enjoyed the hell out of myself.

In fact, something clicked while I was running. I remember in Cross Country my coach always saying I held my arms too high and needed to drop them down and swing them more to widen my strides. I thought that sounded crazy but today, while running into the wind, my arms dropped and started to swing and I couldn’t believe how much faster my pace got! 12 years after my coach told me to do this, I finally figured it out!

Happiest run I've had in a long time!

Happiest run I’ve had in a long time! (P.S. Like my nasty cold sore. My body gives me those when I’m stressed to remind me to slow down and relax)

Oh beautiful day!

Oh beautiful day!

I went a little crazy with the gym selfies at the empty hotel gym this past weekend. Enjoy! Lol!





  • Kristin February 14, 2014 at 8:10 am

    I love your pictures!! You look gorgeous!! Keep up the hard work!! 🙂 Wow!


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