I was beyond flattered when Mountain Hardwear asked me to participate in their Finding Winter campaign. I am usually a major winter person (though this winter was really hard) and I was stoked to try out one of their products.

Finding Winter is a social media campaign driven by Mountain Hardwear to share winter adventures. According to its website “We believe that adventures are best when shared, and this winter, we’re asking you to share your adventures with us. Winter is out there. Go find it.”

I was stoked when I opened my box and saw a pink jacket! I love bright colours in winter and my snow pants are bright pink so now I have an outfit.

So stoked to get this in the mail!

Off I went to enjoy winter. I wanted to hit the mountains but time and money restraints kept me in the prairies but there was plenty of snow to go around!


The jacket I was sent was a hard shell that had a reflective inside for warmth.


The scuba hoodie is awesome for keeping snow off your face.


My favourite part of this jacket was the sleeves.  They are cut at a diagonal, longer at the top but tapering in the back. This makes it so much more comfortable! I hate when my wrists are exposed to the cold because of short sleeves but if they are too long, they get in your way.


My Thoughts

This is a sturdy jacket, one I’ll have for years. A co-worker has a Mountain Hardwear jacket similar to this one that he’s been using for eight years and he’s on ski patrol! I anticipate using this jacket on adventures for many years to come.


I am not used to light coats without a lining though. It was weird putting on a jacket that was waterproof and warm but not soft and fuzzy on the inside. A soft long sleeved shirt took care of that though.

What Finding Winter Means to Me

I live in Canada so winter is a huge part of my life. Finding Winter, to me, means peeling yourself off that warm couch, putting down the comfort foods, bundling up, and getting outside. Having a dog makes that pretty easy because you have to take them out for walks. It’s turning around your attitude to “It’s cold I have to stay inside” to “If I bundle up enough I can handle it.” All that being said, I DO NOT go out when it’s colder than -15C. That’s my threshold.


* DISCLAIMER- The product was given to me by the company but my opinions are my own*





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