I am not one to read a lot of fitness or health books. They all basically contradict each other so it’s easier to stick to what I know. When I read reviews of Drop Dead Healthy I thought it would be just what I needed; a book featuring someone who tested out what fitness fads were most effective.

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When reading the Contents it looks comprehensive, 27 Chapters all devoted to different areas of the body; Ears, Heart, Stomach, Immune System, Teeth, Feet, Lungs, etc.

But reading through this book I was disappointed. It seems that AJ, for entertainment’s sake, didn’t take his own challenge that seriously. For example, he tried a Paleo inspired (ie. caveman) class in the park once and then made fun of the guys who did it regularly. He researched  his hands one month and did a few finger exercises. He tried a raw food diet for less than a month.

Basically, he tried a bunch of different things, typically on the extreme or ridiculous side (wearing noise cancelling headphones everywhere he went and squatting over the toilet) and then stopped and moved on to the next thing. This two year journey did not seem like a true quest to get healthy, it seemed like an idea that could be made into a book.

Sorry if this is too much opinion and not enough excerpts from the book. If you want to buy it, it’s on clearance at Chapters for $5.99.  This book is for entertainment purposes, not a serious exploration of best health practices.

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