Have you noticed how easy it is to work out regularly if you do it once a day? The minute you take a rest day it’s all downhill. Like this week for example, I had a phenomenal first four days then I decided to take a rest day and it turned into three rest days in a row. Whoops!!

It’s a long weekend! Woot! Woot! My goal is to spend all weekend outside having FUN. Here is my week in review.

Friday- Coulee Run/ Stairs with Cat

I love running these stairs. It is SO hard and gets you really panting. On the way back down my legs felt like jello and almost gave out.

IMG_6370 IMG_6289

Saturday- 40 minutes Denise Austin’s Power Yoga

I hate her commentary but love her workout!

2 hours walking/playing on the beach

After yoga I was restless and the weather was cold. My stepson, Ace was the only one willing to bundle up and brave the cold with me. We spent two hours walking along Wally’s Beach and playing in the sand. The cold wind and flurries froze our cheeks but we still had a good time.


Sunday- Two hours of play!

Playing like a kid is a harder workout than anything else! You can read all about my day HERE.

Tumbling fun!

Tumbling fun!

Monday- Walk around the track

A meeting ran late meaning no yoga this week- grrr! But it was gorgeous so I spent a half hour walking laps around the local track. I must have looked weird in my pencil skirt and ballet flats.


Tuesday- Nothing

Wednesday- Nothing

Thursday- Nothing

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  • Kristin April 18, 2014 at 5:50 pm

    Gosh, I LOOOVE your workouts!!!! You SO know how to get down and live life!!! Have a fab weekend!!! XOXO!!!


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