Friday- Coulee Stairs Run/Walk
I was not motivated to get outside and workout. It was super windy and the rain was cold but I forced myself to at least go and do my favourite set of coulee stairs. They are killer!

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Saturday- Super crazy active day!

Saturday was amazing! I was so active with various activities, my Fitbit tracked 19,000 steps! My average is about 8,000 so that’s awesome.

30 minutes of baseball with the kids

Sprint workout- 4X200 & 4 X 100 @ 75%

I offered to do a little coaching to some of the girls I coach in cheerleading and yesterday was our first sprint workout. We also worked on blocks and form. It felt so good to get on the track and into blocks again!

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18 Holes of Golf

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 Sunday- A little bean bag toss after Easter dinner with friends & chasing their kids


Monday- Housecleaning 3 hours and yard work 2 hours

Hour of baseball with the kids

Tuesday- Sprint workout- Ladder 50, 100, 150, 100, 50 @ 90% 

I am seriously LOVING getting on the track! Since today was sprints I even spiked up again which felt great! There is no better feeling than running as fast as you can!

Floating baby!

Floating baby!

Wednesday- Lunch time weights date

I have one month until the Mud, Sweat & Tears race. One month! And I have done no weight bearing exercises whatsoever in quite some time! It’s time to really step it up and get my upper body strong and to wear it should be for the race. My pride is at stake!

Thursday- Burpee Run

I read a great BURPEE RUN WORKOUT on Fitsugar and decided to give it a try at lunch. You start off with running 200 metres and doing 10 burpees then another 200 metres then 10 burpees until you’ve done a total of 10 sets. I was only able to get through 7 sets.

Crazy hair- I don't care, I'm runnin'!

Crazy hair- I don’t care, I’m runnin’!

But I will say, the main reason for my struggle was my feet! For some reason, I would get the worst pains in my feet after 5 burpees. They would tingle and ache and resemble almost a charlie horses. It really slowed me down and it got to the point where I didn’t finish my workout. I’m thinking maybe it’s my shoes, the Nike FS Lite. They are running shoes and maybe I need cross training shoes.

30 minutes of ball with Ace

I am loving this baseball kick my stepson is on!


If you’ve noticed, I have been active every single day this past week and I feel GREAT! I forgot how good it feels to work out on a regular basis, to get outside and enjoy the sunlight.

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  • Kristin April 25, 2014 at 4:41 pm

    Wow, you’re sooo awesome!! Your workouts really make me want to get outside and have fuuun!!! LOVE!!!


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