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Hey Everyone- it’s finally Friday! And in Southern Alberta after a work week of hot, gorgeous weather, it is going to  snow/rain over the weekend. Isn’t that the way it always goes? Have you been #activeeverydamnday this week? I missed one day, a stupid cold, snowy day. That’s not an excuse, I should have bundled up and ventured out. I’m already psyching myself up to do that this weekend!

Friday- 30 minutes catch with Ace

I love getting home from work and hitting the field with Ryan and his son Ace. We have such a blast!

Saturday- Nothing

Stupid snow. And stupid broken down car.

Sunday- 90 minutes Bikram Yoga

This Bikram class was WAY different than yoga flow! I had taken what I thought were bikram classes when I lived in Seattle but I guess they were really just hot yoga. Because true Bikram yoga is not the slow, mellow, relaxing yoga I’ve come to adore. It’s more like a military exercise. The instructor talks so fast! But that hour and a half flew by and I love how I feel after a full body sweat like that.

I really want a fancy Onzie hot yoga bra though. Most people in class were wearing them and they are so cute!

Monday- Softball (2 games)

It was the first day of league softball and I finally got to track it.

I was little disappointed when I saw in two games of softball I had only taken 5,873 steps (4.47 km). I thought it would be way more, mind you, I did play back catch the second game and I only made it around the bases once.

Tuesday- Burpee Run- 10 X 200 m with 10 burpees in between

I am loving these burpee runs. My abs, legs and arms are so sore the next day I know I’ve worked hard. Plus, they arte great practice for the Mud, Sweat & Tears race at the end of the month.

photo 1 (1)

The only problem is that my feet ache and tingle about 5-7 burpees in every time. Sometimes so severely I have to sit down and take all weight off them. Anyone know what that’s about?

photo 3

Wednesday- 1 hour dog walk (3.18 miles)

photo 2 (1)

This walk was so great until the end! We walked through a creek, saw baby foxes, and heard the frogs croak.

photo 4

Baby foxes!

Baby foxes!

But as we were just coming off the trails another lady had her husky mix off leash and she attacked Rocky! She grabbed his head and shook him and he just yelped and yelped. I ran over there and she let go of him and he was pawing at his little face crying, it was so sad! But when I checked his face all over there were no cuts, scrapes or blood so I told the owner it was OK.

Three hours later, Ryan noticed he was bleeding just above his eye. A very obvious puncture wound came out of nowhere and was slowly bleeding- I was SO upset! I felt like the worst dog owner in the world! It was so close to his eye too which was scary. I’ll make more of an effort to avoid the trails I know other people walk their dogs on. Rocky is just too passive, he is NOT a fighter!

Puncture wound just above his eye

Puncture wound just above his eye

Thursday- Burpee Run 8 X 200 m w/10 burpees

I couldn’t do 10 sets  today as my feet were just KILLING me again! Every 5 burpees I had to sit down and stretch out. I have to figure out what’s wrong with my shoes.


Flooded track

A broke water main flooded the track so I ran on the grass instead

Voila! There is my active week and I have to say, I have felt more peppy and alert than I have all winter. Hibernation is a terrible thing. How can I work out my job that I can go south for the winter? Hmmm…..

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  • Kristin May 2, 2014 at 2:17 pm

    You’re fabulous!!! You seriously have THE BEST workouts!! Your runs sound like so much fun!! Yaaay to fun and have a great weekend!!!


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