This week was definitely ┬ánot an #activeeverydamnday week! But I won’t beat myself up over it- life gets in the way, especially when you work a desk job! On another note, I have a potential part time cheer coaching job coming up. I’ll give details later once it is a done deal, but I am very excited about it.

Spring Friday Fitness

Friday- Nothing
My lunch workout plans were once again thwarted by a long meeting! Argh!

Saturday- Nothing

Sunday- Bikram 90 minutes
I had a harder time in this class than in the past. I know why, I went to a 10 am class instead of 4 pm and didn’t eat anything prior, hence feeling dizzy and sick throughout the class. I won’t make that mistake again!

Monday- Softball 2 games

Best games of my life btw! I caught 3 pop fly’s and hit a couple out into left. It felt awesome!

photo 1

Tuesday- Nike Training Club workout in the park

I can barely move my arms from the pushup, burpees and planks! I love this app. And even more, I love working out in the park!

photo 3

Wednesday- Hour long walk with dog

I am loving these light nights! It give me time to actually do stuff after work.

photo 2


photo 1 (1)

Thursday- Nothing

In my defence I was all set to go to bikram this evening but my yoga buddy had to cancel due to a sick child and I’m taking off this weekend for a wedding so I opted to forgo yoga to clean out my car and pack.


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