What Are You Searching For?

I had an amazing epiphany today thanks to a post about setting goals and manifesting your own life on DirtBag Darling (one of my FAVE blogs).  I’ve read several articles about manifestation and visualizing your life to make it happen but I never really got into it. But because this post was on Dirtbag Darling I read through it and  printed the worksheet for the Goal Setting Formula.

I won’t go over it in detail, you can read the post for yourself, but one part of this worksheet was a huge eye opener for me!

Part 2: What Are You Searching For?

I have been feeling unhappy for the past year or so and I blamed it on the weather, my coworkers, my house, money. But doing this exercise I found the top three things I wanted to feel were:

photo (2)

For almost the past year, I have not felt any of those three things that I listed as most important to me! It’s not these other external factors I was blaming.

Now that I know what I truly want I can start the work to manifest my life to feel those three things on a regular basis. I need to make a bunch of sub-goals for each item and work towards them.

If you are feeling even a little dissatisfied with life, I suggest you read Marissa’s post and fill out that worksheet. 

DSCF2903Gonna go out there an manifest the life I want! 



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