It’s time for a belated Friday Fitness Recap!

Fitness-wise this has been a bad week. I work for a municipality and we experienced a flooding emergency this week and I had to work my butt off all week! I managed to squeeze in a small amount of physical activity but I need a super active weekend to make up for this week.

Friday- Nothing

Saturday– Dragonboat practice

Sunday- Leisurely bike rides with kids (About 6.09 miles)

Monday- Nothing- Softball was cancelled due to rain

Tuesday– Nothing- 12 hour work day

Wednesday- Nothing- 10 hour work day

Did do a little puddle jumping with the dog when I got home.

Walking my dog in a flood, no biggie

Walking my dog in a flood, no biggie

Thursday- Bike ride- 3.35 miles in 38 minutes

I HAD to move my body! So I took Rocky down to the nature trails in the rain for a quick bike ride. I was so busy worrying about the flooding in the County I work for, I didn’t know our nature trails were closed because of flooding. Oops!

Pushing my bike through lots of water!

Pushing my bike through lots of water!

This bridge was not safe. We shouldn't have crossed.

This bridge was not safe. We shouldn’t have crossed.

But now the sun is shining and I have my whole weekend to move, move, move and make up for this awful week!

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  • Kristin June 22, 2014 at 5:34 am

    Whoa, what pictures!!! You are definitely adventurous and always up for a challenge!!! XOXO!!! Hope you had a fabulous week!!!


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