Summer Friday Fitness

I thought Friday would never come!

Friday- Nothing

I laid down at 6 p.m. for a nap and slept until 7:30 a.m. needless to say, my week working on the floods wore me right out!

Saturday- Dragon Boat Practise 1- hr

Sunday- Brick Run & Basketball

This marked my first day of triathlon training. I did my first bike ride at about 11.5 miles and a 1 mile run after.

photo (1)

After my brick run, we went to the school with the kids for a picnic and to play a little basketball. We played HORSE and I was so excited I won over Ryan who was Mr. Varsity Basketball in high school while I was Miss Band Nerd. Ha ha!


Monday- Run & Softball

Never, ever eat tacos before you run. I ran the slowest, hardest 2.5 miles of my life! Blah!!

photo 1


Had to strike a pose! Ha ha ha

Had to strike a pose! Ha ha ha

Tuesday- Rest

Now that I’m training and not just working out for fun, I definitely need a rest day!

Wednesday- Open Water Swim 20 minutes

I did it! The water was much warmer than I expected and I swam across Park Lake and back. It was exhausting! My arms and legs were okay, but the cardio was tough. My heart was pounding and I had a hard time catching my breath. And I learned that if I flip onto my back to float and kick for awhile, my body does a 180 degree turn. That was so my problem in the last tri! I need new goggles thought because my old ones I’ve had for years are fogging up on me.

My goal is to make all my swims open water so I’m prepared for the race.

Car window selfie in my swimsuit and wetsuit

Car window selfie in my swimsuit and wetsuit

 Thursday- Nothing

Oops! I was supposed to do an 18 mile bike but the combination of rain and a depressed doggie made me forgo a workout. Rocky was depressed because Ryan left for a camping weekend and didn’t take him along.

This weekend is the Dragon Boat Festival! ¬†I get to fit my training in with competing all weekend. Yeah! Thank goodness I took Monday off and have a four day weekend because I’ll need a weekend from my weekend for sure.

Also- today is the last day to enter my CarProof Giveaway for $100 at Sportchek! If you are a Canadian Resident, be sure to enter!!

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  • my1sttrirace June 27, 2014 at 12:03 pm

    Sounds like a solid week of training. You are most likely getting out of breath in the water from lack of air. Be sure to breath out completely when you face is in the water. Happy training!


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