Friday Fitness Recap July 4

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Summer Friday Fitness

Anyhoo- This week was not your traditional fitness week, between the dragon boat festival and the holidays my work outs were…different.

Friday- Nothing
I was set to do an open water swim. I raced home, grabbed my gear and headed to Jensen’s Reservoir. But the reservoir was filthy! Park Lake was so clean I assumed the reservoir would be too,  but it’s a reservoir and still collecting  tonnes of water coming off fields. Oops!

I opted to sit on the dock and read a book instead.

Saturday- Dragon boat festival- 2 races
The races are only 2.5 minutes but they are intense! And paddling to and from the race is also a workout.


Sunday- Dragon boat festival- 3 races

Gold baby!

Gold baby!

Monday- Weeded for an hour!
I keep forgetting that working in the garden is tiring! I helped my grandma pull weeds for an hour and we only got halfway through her flower bed. They say you burn about 300 calories an hour weeding so I’m calling it a workout.

Tuesday- Weeded for half hour
Isn’t this a cop out? Weeding being my only workouts for two days in a row? And not any days- vacation days! Days off work! I was just lazy that’s all there is to it.

Wednesday– NTC and Bike Ride

Wednesday kicked ass! I did a 30 minute Nike Training Club workout in the park and was eaten alive by mosquitoes!

photo 3

That evening I went for a 15.5 mile bike ride. It was so awesome! A friend lent me her road bike because mine is old and it was the fastest I have ever gone on a bike! No joke, a few times I yelled out “Weeeee!” because I was going so fast.

photo 4

The view was fantastic too!

photo 2


Thursday- Nothing

I am definitely  not the athlete I used to be. I have turned into your average desk jockey who gets in the occasional workout. Sad.


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