You guys, my triathlon training has not been going well. It has been almost a week since I’ve even done a workout! I am so screwed on Saturday.

Brick runs are tiring!

I have not been training nearly enough!

One of the reasons for my lack of work outs is because something keeps popping up in the evenings that prevents me from doing my training. Grandma calls and needs help, a thunder storm rolls in (this has happened three times in the last two weeks!), or I need to run errands.

Every time something comes up I think to myself “I should have done this in the morning then nothing would have stopped me!”

I figure if there is any time to transition into morning workouts summer is the time to do it, the sun is out and shining at 5 a.m. which would make it a lot easier to get up and go.

Here is how I plan to make this transition…

1. Start off slow. 2 mornings per week in July, 3 morning per week in August

2. Do easy workouts. I’ll run with Rocky or do a morning swim at our local pool. I enjoy both activities and it’s not as strenuous as weights or spin or something

3. PlanĀ a special breakfast. I’ll plan on bacon and eggs or gluten/dairy free pancakes or something on the days I do a morning workout. Maybe that will help motivate me!

4. Always have bananas on hand. I know my body and I’ll have to eat something before I can start my workout. A banana is filling and I can eat it on the go

Does anyone else have any tips for me?

How do you motivate yourself for early morning workouts?

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