Summer Friday Fitness

Have you been enjoying my vacation posts? Sadly, the Rowe Meadow hike was my last vacation recap and it’s back to business as usual. Boo!

My fitness week was good. Not stellar, but not bad either. I am LOVING all the summer fruit! I’m inhaling cherries like no one’s business.

Friday- Nothing

Saturday- 3 softball games


Sunday- 1 softball game

Monday- Nothing

I was so beat from my weekend that I did almost nothing on Monday. I took a four hour nap!

Tuesday- Aquafit 1 hour

This was so fun! Magrath pool started a twice a week Aquafit program so my friend Rachelle and I went. First off, wear a one piece to these classes! Both of us wore two pieces and were holding down our bottoms as we jumped up and down. It was a blast but I was pretty sad when I read the average calorie burn for an hour water aerobics class is 150-170. Oh well! It was fun.

Wednesday- BodyAttack @ Goodlife Fitness 1 hour

I always think I’m in better shape than I really am! BodyAttack is a high-energy interval training class that combines athletic aerobic movements with strength and stabilization exercises. And I DIED! The push ups, the burpees, the lunge jumps- Gah! I need to attend this class on a regular basis.

Thursday- Aquafit 1 hour 

I came prepared for Aquafit today wearing Ryan’s board shorts and my rash guard. Ha ha ha! I looked awesome. And I got a pretty good workout in because I wasn’t trying to hold my swimsuit on. I need to invest in a nice sporty one piece.

Catching waves? Nope- going to Aquafit. Ha ha!

Catching waves? Nope- going to Aquafit. Ha ha!

How was your fitness week? 

Are you doing any special summer workouts?

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