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This review has been a long time coming. I first bought the FitBit in April because of a work sponsored walking challenge (which was my idea and initiative). We ordered pedometers and encouraged employees to become aware of how much they walked and to see who could walk the length of Alberta (1,223 km) first. The problem I had was that the strap on pedometers couldn’t be worn with a dress (which I wear a lot) and sometimes clashed with my outfits. The first month I only logged 36 km while others were in the 100’s. The competitiveness in me flared right up and I said no way and went straight out and bought a $100 Fitbit from Sportchek.

My Fitbit has done a lot with me this summer

My Fitbit has done a lot with me this summer

The FitBit is a tracker you wear in a rubber bracelet on your writs all the time. It logs your steps/miles and “active minutes.” It can also be used to track your sleep patterns and be used as a vibrating alarm.

Here is what I thought of each feature:

Steps & Miles

I loved having this on 24/7. It REALLY made me aware of how little I was actually walking. I thought because I was running regularly that I was getting enough distance but I found every day I almost never made it to the 10,000 step marks. On days I didn’t workout I wouldn’t crack 5,000! Talk about a wake up call! Because I have this synced to my phone, I check in regularly to see where I’m at and I’ll add a dog walk to my day or get up and walk around the office a few times to get my steps up.

Active Minutes

I don’t really buy into these “active minutes.” I’m guessing they go based off a consistent and brisk walking pace but I have gone on long runs (45 minutes-ish) where it said I was active for 20 minutes and I have had rest days where it also said I was active for 20 minutes. After a few weeks, I began ignoring the Active Minutes feature all together.

Sleep Tracking

I loved the sleep tracking feature! It helps you create awareness of how you’re sleeping and it was pretty accurate. It shows when you are awake and it was accurate whenever I got up to go to the bathroom in the middle of the night. There were a couple nights Ryan wore it to see and he is a terrible sleeper, the tracker showed that. Comparing our sleep patterns was crazy. All I have to say is that I’m glad I’m a good sleeper!



I tried out the alarm a couple times but didn’t make it a regular thing. Now that I plan to get up extra early a couple mornings for workouts I’ll use the vibrating alarm because it won’t wake up Ryan or the dog.

Look & Feel

I don’t mind the sporty look of the rubber band, I want the coloured bands but at the same time have better things to spend $30 on.

Fitbit Breakdown 

Here is the problem though, after only three months of use my Fitbit stopped taking a charge. I went online and found this is a common problem. I contacted the support centre who gave me a bunch of suggestions (all of which I tried) when I told them it still wasn’t working they offered to send a new one as long as I could send them a receipt proof of purchase.

I was pretty annoyed because paying $100 for a piece of technology that breaks in three months of use is pretty bad. I babied my FitBit too, I took it off before going in the shower even though they say it’s water proof.

But I received my new one in a timely manner and was back to tracking so I am very happy with the service I received.

Final Thoughts

This is an incredible tool for anyone serious about increasing their activity. I THOUGHT I was getting in a lot of steps/mileage with my runs but because I was sitting all day, I really wasn’t. This tracker really opened my eyes to how far 10,000 steps actually is which is what we should all be getting every day. I’ll be sporting mine for awhile to come.

I would (and do) recommend this to anyone who asks about it.

If only I had the money to splurge on the fancy Tory Burch bracelet for it ($195)!


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