Summer Friday Fitness

Life sure is funny. Some weeks fly by and others crawl on! This week was a slow one for sure. The weather the second half of the week has been cold, almost fall like and I am not impressed. I expect fall to stay away at least until late September!


I took the afternoon off to go to Calgary for The Band Perry concert So a workout didn’t happen.

Saturday- 3 softball Games

It was our league softball tournament and I got to spend three games running around in outfield and trying to get to first. I was hitting pretty good but they were high so it was easy for the left fielder to snag them. Boo!

Softball ladies!

Softball ladies!

Sunday- 1 softball game

We only had one game on Sunday which was good and bad. I was so sore from the day before I was glad we only had one but by the time it was over I was warmed up and ready to play another game!

Monday- Hatha Yoga

Lunchtime yoga felt so amazing on my tight and sore muscles.

Tuesday- Walked my butt off

I technically didn’t work out Tuesday but I walked my butt off! It was the Whoop Up Days Parade and we were told by parade organizers that drops offs and parking at the marshalling area wasn’t allowed so I walked to the mall and back. Then after the parade, I was sent to walk around and tell folks about our BBQ. After that I walked to London Road Market.


Wednesday- Short walk with Rocky & Ryan

A bad day at work left me grump so a walk in the rain sounded just right. There is something therapeutic about jumping in puddles. If you don’t believe me, give it a try!

photo 3

Thursday- Two Softball Games

I subbed for my friend Lisa’s team and played under the lights. It feels so good to finally be getting decent at this sport!


We’ll see what activity this weekend brings. I’m a little frantic to go camping because the summer is rapidly coming to a close but this rain does not make a weekend in a tent with two kids sound appealing!

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