Way back in January I set a few small, attainable new years goals/habits and I had planned to check in at the six month mark in June, but August works too.

Run a 10k

Done! I ran the 10k in the Moonlight Run this March with Cat.

We did it!

We did it!

Start walking the dog in the mornings

Darn it! I have only done this once so far this year! I have to work on that!

Start a journal

Another goal I have to work on. I bought a nice journal. wrote in it two or three times and it’s sat on my night stand ever since.

Pay off car

This is an annoying one! My car is on track to be paid of in October. But it’s been broken down and not driveable for a couple months now! Yes- my car broke down months before it was paid off and it will cost almost as much as the car is worth to repair it. Not cool.

Stop wasting time on Facebook

I would call this one accomplished! I hardly go on Facebook and scroll through my news feed. I go on to check my notifications or looks at something someone has told me about and I am so much happier for it! A couple days ago I broke the rules and started scrolling through the news feed and read some stupid article that had been shared that had me so mad I had a hard time sleeping. Nope. No more killing time on Facebook for me. Especially when I have Instagram! Ha ha ha!

So my halfway point and I have 2 out of 3 accomplished. Not too bad, I just need to work on journalling and getting up to walk Rocky in the mornings!

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