Yesterday I used a half vacation day to stand in the freezing rain for hours. I volunteered to be a Course Marshall for the Lethbridge Stage of the Tour of Alberta. I figured it would be a great way to enjoy the last bit of summer, work on my tan, and enjoy a fun sporting event. Boy did nature have something else in store for me.

I just have to say that volunteers are wonderful people. I wasn’t prepared for the downpour so one volunteer let me use her umbrella and another had an extra poncho. This is how good I looked!

So sexy!

OMG! I just realized I’m inadvertently flipping off the camera! BAH HA HA HA

But no one complained. We got soaked and it was cold but we all did our jobs with a smile on our faces.

The race itself was awesome! Those guys whipped by on their bikes so fast they would splash water on the sidewalk like a car.



I met a wonderful man name Sal who is a cycling enthusiast from Calgary. He volunteered at the Prologue in Calgary, Stage 1 in Lethbridge and he’s in Red Deer today volunteering at Stage 2. His excitement for the event and knowledge of the teams an riders helped make the event more enjoyable.

Sal cheering

Sal cheering. They are going so fast they’re just blurs!

I wish I could have been at Galt Gardens to watch the start and finish but I kept everyone up to date with Twitter. It was such a fun event and I worked with a wonderful group of people.

I’m hoping that this event comes back next year and that the weather cooperates a little more.

Good luck to the racers for the remainder of the event!

My race day selfie! Lol

My race day selfie! Lol

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  • Sheila Colbourne September 4, 2014 at 10:00 am

    Hi Betty, thank you so much for giving up your time to get soaked for a bike race. My son is one of those guys that splashed you whizzing by. Races can’t happen without the efforts of folks like you and even though they don’t get the chance to say thanks as they ride past you, rest assured those guys appreciate what you do. So, from the mom of rider 138, thanks bunches, hope you got dried out and warmed up quickly. My son says he hasn’t been that cold in quite some time. I’m enjoying watching the race on TV

    • Betty LIVIN September 4, 2014 at 10:07 am

      Aw thanks Sheila! And please pass along my congrats to your son for participating in such an elite event, let alone in that awful cold rain! 🙂


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