Have you guys ever had a blog post fired up and ready to go and then it gets buried in your draft folder? That has what happened to my review of Mountain Warehouse’s Ultimate Self Inflating Mat!

Mountain Warehouse sent me the mat for free in exchange for a review, but my thoughts and opinions are my own. 

Mountain Warehouse is a UK-based outdoor gear that have stores throughout the UK and shopping on their website. They don’t carry lots of different brands but mainly carry their own.

I was given the opportunity to peruse their website and choose an item to test out. While looking, I was surprised at how affordable their gear is. When I saw the Ultimate Self Inflating Mat I knew that I had to get it because Ryan doesn’t want to tent it any more and I thought a mat might help change his mind because I’m not ready for a camper trailer. (See my blog post: Too Old For Tents But Too Young for a Camper).

Anyway, I was really excited when it finally arrived and ran to the backyard to test it out. It’s a decent size, slightly bigger than a back country sleeping bag but would be easy enough to strap onto a backpack and it’s light so it wouldn’t add too much extra weight to your pack.

This shows you how small it is (and how adorable Rocky is!)

This shows you how small it is (and how adorable Rocky is!)

The self inflating function is pretty cool, you just open the nozzle and the mat sucks in air. You can walk around and set up camp while it inflates. I like a firm mat so I would give it a couple of breathes to fill it to capacity.

The first thing I noticed when it was blown up was the open cell foam, it wasn’t just a flat mat. This makes the mat even more comfortable.

photo 3

When I laid on it was that it was a little too short for me. I’m 5’8 which is tall for a woman but for most men, the mat’s a little short.


I let Ryan use it for the first time while we were tenting at a softball tournament. The next morning when I asked how it was he said it helped a little but didn’t make a big difference. The next night, I took the mat and thought Ryan was crazy!! It was such a nice cushion from the hard ground below the tent and  a lot better than the foam camping mat I’ve been using.

Ryan testing it out

Ryan testing it out while Rocky watches

Final Thoughts

I am definitely very happy to have this in my gear closet for camping and it will be coming with me on many camping trips to come (unless my husband wins and gets a trailer).

The size is ok, maybe a little big for serious backpacking, but if you have any sort of back issues it’s worth it. It doesn’t add too much extra weight, just takes up a little space.

The price is very fair ($107.99 CAN- currently on massive sale for $44.99).

I wouldn’t recommend it for anyone taller than 5’10.

Visit Mountain Warehouse’s website to check out all their gear.

So excited that it's here! Trying to convince Ryan we aren't too old to tent it.

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