Fall Friday Fitness

To my loyal readers, have you noticed a lack of Friday Fit posts? That would be because I have entered total and complete sloth mode. Besides a weekly hike and a short dog walk here and there, I have not been doing any sort of psychical activity. Because I have been so lax in working out, I was too embarrassed to post how I did nothing week after week but today I decided to put it all out there.

My little group of coworkers who work out regularly are shocked that out of nowhere I just stopped. I have noticed my thighs are softer and bigger and my tummy is starting to stick out again. These visible cues makes it very clear that I need to get back into a running routine.

Fitness and healthy living are life time commitments, there is no finish line. Like any life time commitments sometimes you just get sick of it, you get tired and you stop working at it. What matters is that you start back up again and don’t beat yourself up but just get back to it.

Find What You Enjoy

I don’t particularly love running but I like getting outside with my dogs. Now that we are approaching winter I hope to get back to hot yoga as well. Both these activities are fun to me and won’t make me so sore I won’t work out for the five days after (Crossfit I’m talking to you! Ha).

Not a huge fan of running, but I love being outside with Rocky!

Not a huge fan of running, but I love being outside with Rocky!

Plan, Plan, Plan

One reason my lunch time workouts stopped is because I stopped planning ahead and packing a lunch, snacks, and workout gear.

Take a 2 Week Challenge

A lot of people suggest a 30 day challenge, but let’s be real, you are going to have at least one day where there is no way you can fit in exercise. I’m shooting for exercise every day for 2 weeks, even if it’s just a light dog walk.

Grab Your Buddy

My workout buddy Cat is about to give birth any day now so I’ll be waiting for a few months for her to recover and start up again. She and I would run or walk together, text each other our runs and mileage and share articles with each other. Having a workout buddy is amazing.

We did it!

Love my running buddy!

Don’t Go Out Too Hard

If you’ve gone a long time with no exercise, you can’t just jump back into your old routine. You need to retrain your body so you need to start slow and easy. If you overdo it the first couple of days, you’ll be too sore to move and you’ll drop it like a hot potato.

Track What You’re Up To

I believe part of my problem is that I stopped wearing my Fitbit a month ago. When I had that on daily, I would check my steps at the end of the work day and know how much I needed to walk around to get to my 10,000 steps. It makes you more aware of your habits.

I’m going to use Thanksgiving weekend as a way to ease back into it with a run on Sunday and a run or walk on Monday. I’ll get back into my lunch time workout routine next week and get back to it.

And if you too have been remiss going a month, or 6, or even a year without working out- don’t beat yourself up about it, just get back to it.


Gotta get back in the habit!



  • Kristin October 10, 2014 at 4:47 pm

    I absolutely love having a workout routine!! Each challenge motivates me!! Great post!! xoxo

  • Running Betty October 10, 2014 at 11:24 pm

    Love this post – such great advice for getting back into a workout routine. I went into sloth mode over the summer but have been back on track for the last 6 weeks. It feels good to be back into a routine. I agree that planning is key! and being realistic is important too. I schedule my workouts one week at a time so I can figure out how to get in my runs around other stuff I have going on in my life…no way I could plan for 30 days out!


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