Friday Fitness Recap

Friday Fitness

It’s back! How lame is it that I was waiting until I started working out regularly again to begin posting? This week I decided that was garbage and I need to be open and honest with my readers. These past few months have been pretty bad. Stress and a tight schedule have made me lazy and I use them as excuses to not work out. I’m done with excuses and am committing myself to getting into a routine. It doesn’t hurt that I am getting a treadmill this weekend. Woot! Woo! Time to finally work on that speed training I talked about over the summer.

But anyway, I am determined to get back to posting. Maybe I’m inspired by all the winter fit tips I’ve been compiling from other bloggers. Or maybe I am actually lazier in warm weather than cold? Nah- that can’t be it! Though I do love snow walks with the dogs. Hmm….

Friday- Nothing

I was smart this Halloween. I bought candy I wasn’t crazy for (Twizzlers) so I didn’t consumer a large amount of junk food this Halloween. Win for me!

Saturday- Kettlebell workout & 50 minutes ice skating

Besides coaching today (which is always a workout), I also tried out a couple kettlebell workouts with Bells of Steel online beginner’s video which were awesome and exhausting!

photo 2

Ice skating is always a blast and my town is offering free public skate right now! Score!


Sunday- kettlebells & Dog Walk

I tried Day 3 & 4 of the kettlebells workouts and took the dogs for a walk in the snow.



Tuesday- 1.5 mile walk with the dogs


Wednesday- Nothing

Thursday- Dog Walk 0.5 mile

So there is my not so great week. It has been like this for the past few weeks. Mainly dog walks, no real work outs. But tonight I am trying out a new Cycle Studio in Lethbridge called Kinetic.  My friend Tawny and I will be trying out their Pedal Party class which is like a dance party with loud music, flashing lights. It should be a blast!

On a side note, I have been in a work funk for a few weeks now. The projects I have been working on have lacked creativity so yesterday I was inspired to make a funny video of me dancing at the office on my lunch break. Check it out!

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