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Ah winter. You sure came in with a whollop didn’t you? I think I’m  the only person I know not complaining about the snow storms and frigid temps. I can’t help it, I love snow, I’m a December baby! My one small annoyance is that the weekend’s snow storm cancelled my hiking plans that I specifically took Monday off for.

Friday- 50 minutes Pedal Party
You can read more about my wild Friday night HERE, but I attended a new cycle studio in town and got my groove on while on a bike. It was a great way to kick off my long weekend.

I know ho to party on a Friday night. P.S. almost everyone was in the centre row. No one wanted to be in the front.

I know how to party on a Friday night. P.S. almost everyone was in the centre row. No one wanted to be in the front.

Saturday- Nothing

Sunday- Nothing
The snow storm hit on Sunday so I spent the day cleaning from 9:30 a.m.- 4:00 p.m. and I still didn’t get the whole house! I left the kids rooms alone because they would just get messed up as I cleaned which would depress me.

Monday- Dog walk 1.25 miles in -15C
I bundled up and hit the local nature trail with the dogs on Monday. I even took the time to make a fun little video just so I could spend the remainder of the day editing video. I forgot to post it to YouTube so I’ll share it in another post.

Tuesday- Dog Walk 1.55 miles in -14C
I like going for short walks in the extreme cold. It makes you feel alive and then you get home and put on warm sweats and it feels so good.

Wednesday- Cheer conditioning and ab workout
I got in there with my Cheerleaders on Wednesday and did conditioning for 15 minutes, squats, shoulder push ups, V-ups etc. And then at my next class, we all did 6 minutes of abs.

Thursday- Nothing

So there you have my less than stellar week. But you know what, I’m human. We all have slumps and I’m in a slump right now. Here’s to a better next week! And if the weather would ease up a little bit I have a treadmill being lent to me for the winter!

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  • fromtrextotigress November 14, 2014 at 3:56 pm

    Baby, it’s cold outside! Okay, time to stop complaining in Toronto


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