After our winter hike I had a moment of weakness. I was starving, it was cold and I ate a great big Dairy Queen double cheeseburger. I decided it was worth a stomach ache and enjoyed every tasty bite. Afterwards, I felt slightly nauseous but not too bad and I couldn’t believe my luck! But then Monday rolled around and the nausea started. I woke up this morning (Tuesday) and considered calling in sick because I felt like puking and my stomach cramps were INSANE. But I decided I wasn’t going to let myself call in stupid (this was all my own doing) so I manned up and came in. But very little work is getting done as I can really only focus on my  pain and discomfort.

Why does the brain do that? Why does it help you forget previous pain so you repeat the same mistakes? (Ha! I just described childbirth. Funny.) I keep forgetting how severe my “stomach aches” are when I ingest these foods and then I do it and feel like a massive pile of garbage!


I Googled ways to make you feel better and most of them say the same thing; water, tea, sleep, relax. Well thanks for nothing! Because I have to work, I have obligations and I can’t just relax at home and nap and sip tea.

Does anyone have any tips for relieving pain associated with lactose/gluten ingestion?

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